GRP Anti-slip Safety SurfacesStair tread covers, nosings, cleats, walkways & ladder rung covers


Instant Safety Solution

Eliminate slippery surfaces immediately. Remove the hazard and improve the safety of personnel/the general public before accidents can take place.

No product de-lamination

Because GRP sheet is a resin-based material there is no difference in thermal expansion rates between substrate and top coat, thereby eliminating de-lamination of the product, even after extended periods. This far outlasts paint and resin applications.

Corrosion resistant

Being chemically inert, fibreglass is impervious to water ingression and a wide range of commonly used chemicals which can create problems when in contact with metals, tapes and paint.


Our product is, on average, less than 60% of the weight of metal substrates.


Extremely tough & durable slip-resistant surface.  Any non-slip surface is only as good as the bond that fixes it to the substrate. Evergrip Anti-slip will outlast tapes and stick-on pads by years. Everything wears, which is why Evergrip use only ‘A' grade refined aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, bettered in resilience only by industrial diamond. We offer a minimum 24 month guarantee against manufacturing defects and where traffic profiles can be substantiated this can be extended up to 5 years.  Mechanical or deliberate damage is excluded.

Retro-fitting, simple installation

The speed of installation is beyond compare. Provides a quick & cost-effective solution for damaged or dangerous surfaces.  Depending on site conditions Evergrip Anti-slip treads can be fitted in minutes and used immediately.

Little or no down time

As opposed to resin or paint treatments, a mechanical fix will ensure immediate use reducing the need for costly commercial down time.

Hygienically sealable

For use in food preparation plants Evergrip Anti-slip can be installed using sealants preventing ingression of liquids and microbial contamination.

Easy to clean and maintain

As with any slip resistant material, good hygiene is essential.  Evergrip Anti-slip can be jet washed, steam cleaned or scrubbed. In dry environments Evergrip Anti-slip can be brushed or steam / vacuum cleaned.  Exterior installations tend to require little or no maintenance.

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